Creating a Beautiful Website

It doesn’t matter if you’re a physical or a digital business; having a website is mandatory for any business. It’s the place where people go to get some information about your business, contact you, and buy your products and services.

But additionally to this, websites also do one more thing. They give the first impression of your business. And that is extremely important to get right. So instead of creating a mediocre website, why not create one that looks beautiful?

If that sounds like something you’re interested in, keep reading.


The first step in creating a beautiful website is the choice of themes. Some themes will look amazing while others don’t. So, where should you get your theme?

If you have a WordPress or Shopify store, the best place to go is Envato Market. In there, you’ll find thousands of modern themes. But when picking one, you should check if it’s responsive. If it’s not, your mobile site will look either bad or unusable.

Then, you should pick your brand colors. For starters, you should think of your main color. For this, you should first think about what words you want your brand to resonate with. Once you’ve decided, we should pick the color that matches this word as close as possible.

For example, purple means royalty, which is helpful for luxury brands.


And now, all that is left to do is build our website. So start doing it, and soon you’ll get yourself a stunning website. But if you also have a brick-and-mortar store, one of the best ways to make first impressions is with the music you play.

So if you want to get licensed music to your store, I recommend you try out Soundtrack Your Brand! It’s affordable and makes it easy to license, thanks to the integration with Spotify.