Architecture Across the Globe

When it comes to architecture, there’s a lot to see. That’s because, in every country, you’ll find some stunning buildings, each one with its unique style! So in this blog post, we’re looking to show you the best countries where you can find many architectural wonders.

So if that sounds interesting to you, then keep on reading.


First, we’d like to turn your attention to France. This place is filled with many iconic buildings. You can find some beautiful old cottages to some unique modern facilities. But nothing compares to the architecture in the capital city, Paris. There, you can find buildings such as Musée du Louvre and Sacré-Coe. And who can forget the Eiffel Tower?

Another great place to go is none other than the good ol’ USA. While you might not find any ancient buildings there, you find some modern wonders. For example, you can see the white house, one world trade center, and a stunning mansion called Fallingwater.

So while that might not be your first thought, the USA is filled with architectural wonders.


And lastly, we’d like to talk about a place that gets underrated, Denmark. While it might not have as widely-known places as the other two, there are some hidden gems. For example, there’s the Buried Church, Århus Town Hall, and Thorvaldsen’s Museum.

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