Meet-up #16

Thursday 3rd November   •   TechHub Basement Café
Doors Open at 7pm

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Gemma Green-Hope

Illustrator + Animator

Gemma Green-Hope

Talk title to be announced…

Gemma is an animator, illustrator and story writer from Pembrokeshire. Her work has included animations for Penguin Books, music videos and short films.

When her grandmother (or “Gan-Gan” as she affectionately called her) passed away in 2010, Gemma was struck by all the items she left behind, and how they illustrated the passions, experiences and beliefs that shaped her life. As a way to weave together memories and possessions – and honor her grandmother – she made an animated video, which is nothing short of stunning.

Michelle Ward

UK + EU Trade Mark Attorney

Michelle Ward

“Designing the Unique – Protecting the Unique”

Michelle Ward is a UK and EU trade mark attorney with over 20 years’ experience in the field of intellectual property (IP), specialising in trade marks, registered and unregistered design right and copyright. After a successful career working for large law and specialist IP firms, Michelle founded Indelible IP to provide a more approachable service for start-up and small businesses in Wales and the South West.

Michelle will be taking us through some of the key issues which as designers we should be aware of, such as using stock images, who owns your work, and what those ©, ™ and ® symbols really mean, as well as looking at examples of IP issues from the world of design which have hit the headlines.


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